Dongpyeonje Village is located in Mountain Jirisan, Namwon, Jeollabuk-do, Korea. Located 450 meters above sea level, the village has cool, fresh air and excellent views all year round. Dongpyeonje is a genre of Pansori, Korean traditional music. Dongpyeonje Village is the birthplace of Dongpyeonje Pansori.

There is a guesthouse ‘Dongpyeonje Village HyuRak’ in Dongpyeonje Village. HyuRak is a dream space that everyone once dreamed of. Cozy bed for a while and simple meals only available here. This village will be a place of healing in your life. It is ‘Dongpyenje Village HyuRak’.

Dongpyenje’s Hyu

Hyu in Dongpyeonje Village has 6 rooms. Each room has 2 rooms with shower and WC and offer hotel standard amenities.
Room charge : 180,000KRW or 150$ (Tax and service charge not included)

Dongpyenje’s Rak

The village of Dongpyeonje Village is a restaurant and event hall. Experiences and events can be held here.
Fee : 100,000KRW or 90$ per hour (Tax and service charge not included)
This is a fee, not a meal.

Please contact us by e-mail below for reservations and inquiries.
Contact us : dongpyeonje@naver.com